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This is the second blog in the series of Outreachy Internship blogs. I’m publishing a new blog every 2nd week for the next 3 months. The prompt of this week is to write about some open source jargons where I struggled. (I know I’m publishing it late!)

I remember when…

The theme for this week is “Career opportunities”.

So my last two weeks, hmm? I’m still figuring out all the things I have done in the last two weeks. I’m being lazy here! I guess things are going pretty well here, but all I can say is my last two-week calendar was on calm mode. 🥤

There was…

This is the eighth weekly blog of my internship.

This was a wonderful week in my internship🌻 Let’s take a look then:

My first two patches get merged 🎉

Starting with some great stuff i.e. yay! …

This is the seventh weekly blog of my internship.

Hi there, so it’s the end of week 7 and all I can say is that it’s been a rollercoaster ride till now. 🎢 Some days were easy and some days were really difficult for me when I had no idea how to continue working on my task or what…

This is the sixth weekly blog of my internship.

Hi again :) This blog is going to be short and just the overview of what I have done.

What I have done this week?

  • I started this week learning about API microversion updates, which we do when there are some changes in the API. …

This is the fifth weekly blog of my internship.

Hi there, This week was more of learning plus exploring things and less of implementing them. Since I have started working on the main tasks of the internship. So the week end with getting a more clear picture of my main task of this internship. Implement share type quotas in…

This is the third and the fourth weekly blog of my internship.

Hi everyone, It’s been 4 weeks already! I was procrastinating since last week to write this blog. Finally, here I’m. 🙋🏻‍♀️ This blog post is going to be one of the special blog posts of my internship till date. …

This is the second weekly blog of my Outreachy internship with OpenStack.

Below are the top tasks of week 2:

  • Development environment Devstack setup
  • Work on fixing the patch I created during the contribution period.
  • Update introduction blog post
  • Attend a few meetings :)

Putting together my every day’s progress in brief:

Day 8

  • It was a Happy Monday! The first thing I did was to sync up with my mentor Victoria so that we can work on fixing that…

Archana Kumari

🦨 she/her working in @openstack as an @outreachy intern 🌻 on way building great things with tech ☕ 👩🏻‍💻🌿

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