Career goals after Outreachy

I will be sharing my career goals in this blog post.

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As my Outreachy internship has come to an end, only a few weeks are left for me to get the best out of it and perform much better on the tasks which I’m working on currently. I’ll be sharing my career goals in this blog post, as this is the prompt of weeks 9–10. Also, I’m not going to share in detail my goals yet it will be an overview of what would be my next step. So let’s start :)

Okay, so it’s been more than 2 months for me to work as an Outreachy intern for OpenStack. I took this opportunity to get myself out of my comfort zone by working on completely different projects, with different skill sets and with different people(they are the best). When I started contributing to the OpenStack project I was almost on zero Level. I can say I wasn’t familiar with much of the stuff I worked on in the past few months even though I faced so many struggles setting up the whole project environment. Also in the beginning my skill set was not compatible with the OpenStack project, but somehow I managed to contribute to the first bugfix just by assigning myself for some low-hanging-fruit bugs and by looking into the initial codebase.

What I have learned?

So there are many new things I have learned and still getting introduced to new things daily, whether it is about a new module of python or about improving this blog post. I can’t stop myself from learning and I won’t stop myself from asking so many questions to anyone who has some good taste of it. Once this internship will end I hope I will be able to say that I’ve learned many new technologies, managing, mentoring and organizing skills for my career. Now I’ve become more of a person who will never stop contributing to Open Source projects, especially OpenStack projects(I LOVE OPENSTACK), even after the end of this internship.

During this internship, I started working on creating an OpenStack client (OSC) plugin within python-manilaclient to support OSC users , enhancing the usability of manila within an OpenStack cloud. This project skill descriptions are Python, GNU + Linux system administration and BASH. Till now I’ve contributed to a few bug fixes on manila client, adding waiter support on some commands like share group and share server commands. Right now I’m contributing to building two openstack shared command-line interfaces. The first one is a share group and the second one is a share group snapshot.

At the beginning of this project, I was unfamiliar with Python but I chose to learn it and work on it. The things which I’ve learned so far during the contribution are REST APIs, Shared file systems, good coding practice in Python and cloud computing paradigms. By working on problems at a cloud-scale, I got an opportunity to enhance my thinking and approach in terms of orchestration, asynchronous communication between microservices and performance.

Here are some more questions, that I would like to highlight —

1. Are you looking for a job, internship, a grant, a volunteer position, or some type of other opportunity?

Yes, I’m looking for a full-time job. Also, I’m comfortable with internship roles. One thing I want to mention here is that I love doing technical community work, so you can reach out to me for some volunteer work.

2. What types of work would you like to contribute to?

I’m looking to contribute to an open-source community project that operates in a globally distributed environment. Also if the skill set for the project matches with my current internship project that would be amazing. Apart from that, I would also love to explore and work on some other technical skills and make some contributions.

3. What tools or skills do you have that would help you with that work?

I have more than two years of learning experience in Web development and building projects using tools/skills like JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS and Firebase. Also, I have done Udacity Frontend certification with the help of Google Scholarship. You can find all my projects here at my GitHub profile. I’m familiar with Python and Django too, as this was the required skill set for the OpenStack project. I believe all of these skill sets would help me with the work I’m looking for.

4. What tools or skills would you like to learn?

I would like to learn cloud computing concepts such as Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps and its tools, Containerization, Go programming language, Azure, AWS and more. This list will keep on increasing and would never stop.

6. When are you available to start work?

My internship will end on 7th September 2021 so I’m available to start after the end.

8. Are you looking for a remote job?

Yes, my first preference is remote work. I have experience working as a remote worker in two internships. But I’m open to relocating within India or internationally too.

That’s all I can share about my career goal, if my profile fits the type of candidate you are looking for please reach me out through email at or you can DM me on LinkedIn/Twitter. I would love to have an informal chat with you. Also, if you want to help me out then please share this blog and my profile in your circle.

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