How To Contribute to OpenStack

A blog for developers who wants to get started with contributing to OpenStack projects.

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is open source & recognized for its security

OpenStack Services:


How can you contribute?

Your contribution must be something that accomplishes OpenStack mission.

Why should anyone contribute to Openstack?

There are a few steps that every new contributor should follow to getting ready to contribute:

Join mailing lists

Get an IRC Client and Join

Getting ready to contribute:

Become a team member

Setup and Learn Git

Configuring Task Tracker Account

Configuring Gerrit Code Review Account:

Git review Installation

To propose changes in the Git repository

Start by cloning the repo or setting up DevStack

Remote Update

git remote update
git checkout master
git pull --ff-only origin master

Create Branch

Running unit tests

Curate a commit

Git Review

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